Cognition defines mental functions such as the ability to think, reason, perceive, judge, and remember .  These functions are often evaluated using different non-automated tools to determine cognitive impairment, cognitive decline, Traumatic Brain Injury, or driving capability, or aid in the determination of dementia or neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimerís disease.  Neurocognitive batteries are useful for detecting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a leading cause of depression and suicide, and for assessing concussions.   Cognitive tests may also be used for brain fitness and brain training exercises to improve memory and cognitive performance.  The American Medical Association recommends two cognitive tests that are also incorporated into older driver traffic safety standards developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration The Clock Drawing Test and the Trail Making Test Part B The Clock Drawing Test and Trail Making Test Part B as two powerful cognitive measures of fitness to drive determinations for older drivers.Together, these effectively screen for cognitive impairment and now SpecialtyAutomated ô offers these tests online.  We also offer other distinct tests to screen a specific domain of cognition.  Our cognitive tests, batteries, and measures surpass the recommendations for cognitive screening tests identified for automated driver's license tests in the landmark government report, "New Improved, Comprehensive and Automated Driver's License and Vision Screening System" and research note (FHWA-AZ-04-559(1)).  No other cognitive tests are as rapid, sensitive, objective, and truly autonomous. 

Each year, millions of Clock Drawing Tests and Trail Making Tests are administered around the world.  We are pleased to offer the first and only fully Internet-based, standardized, and validated Clock Drawing Test, the Automatic Clock Drawing Test  ô, in both standard and military (international) times.  We also offer other widely used cognitive assessment tests, Trail Making Tests (Online Trail Making Test Part A  and Online Trail Making Test Part B).  Studies show that our tests actively engage individuals with special needs and disabilities who, until now, were eliminated from the testing process if they were unable to write or hold a writing instrument. Thousands of SpecialtyAutomated ô tests are designed and sold each year.

Our SpecialtyAutomated  neuropsychological assessments are rapid, sensitive, and objective measures of executive function, impulsivity, visual attention, visual search, and motor speed, among others. 

Best of all, our computerized and online cognitive tests are billed as a 96120 Medicare procedure code if there a provisional diagnosis of dementia or cognitive dysfunction that involve evaluations through "Neuropsychological testing... administered by a computer, with a qualified health care professional interpretation and report."  Although a Medicare reimbursement is possible if a patient has chronic medical condition(s) complicated by possible cognitive deficits, the Medicare allowable for procedure code 96120 varies from place to place. 

At SpecialtyAutomated ô , we offer the best and largest selection of rapid, powerful, standardized, objective, and self-service online cognitive tests.  No paper.  No special equipment is needed.   No software, CD-ROMS, or DVDs.   No downloads.  No hassles.  All data and statistics are viewable in real-time at agencies worldwide, where desired.  Instant scores and feedback are provided.  All Internet-based tests are multimedia, interactive, and user-friendly. High security is offered with a password-protected and secure login and encrypted data transfer and storage.  Immediate reports are viewable for baseline data on a subject's neurocognitive status for data collection, comparison, review, storage, and to aid medical decisions.  We offer ideal assistive technology for people of all ages, cultures, educations, and languages and those with special needs or disabilities.  All tests are available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, and many other languages and in large quantities.  All of our online tests and systems are compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, ICH GCP, and ISO 9001:2000.  We pioneer our cognitive tests and systems for the education, health, military, research, sport, transport, and workplace industries worldwide. Order today. Our online cognitive tests are your solution to improved service, client wait time, and reduced costs.  No other cognitive tests compare.

No Internet?  No worries.  SpecialtyAutomated ô also offers many options for software.

Start improving safety and saving lives now.  The green way.

Use your own computer and Internet connection.   

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Instant scores and feedback in real time.  Scientifically proven.  Multimedia & Interactive. Use your own computer.   Our products are now featured in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society , Annals of Family MedicineCanadian Medical Association Journal, & AAATE !



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