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SpecialtyAutomated ™ offers online tests and software to screen for driving skills and other areas of transport.

At a time when there are NHTSA reports that one car collision occurs every six seconds and there are more than 30,000 fatalities per year in the USA, driver safety is a major public health priority.

SpecialtyAutomated ™ supports safety measures through its innovative testing solutions.  Exclusive software and online tests are available to screen drivers and every other licensee in the transport sector.

Our tests are developed by advisors to the Department of Transportation and United States Military, among other agencies.  Their published reports are considered the gold standard for USA and international driver's license test agencies. 

As an example, SpecialtyAutomated ™ traffic sign tests unlike any other available.  Our online traffic sign tests are designed on the bases of driving behavior and manners of millions of collisions.  These tests also include designs by government advisors where to actually install traffic signs and traffic warning devices.

Although knowledge tests  are commonly administered as part of a driver's license test, these tests are also indispensable tools for fitness to drive evaluations at many rehabilitation centers and clinics.  Such tests generally cover accident prevention, pavement marking identification, safety rules, signal identification, traffic laws, traffic signage identification, and vehicle equipment. 

Our knowledge tests surpass the recommendations for knowledge-based screening tests identified for automated driver's license tests in the landmark government report, "New Improved, Comprehensive and Automated Driver's License and Vision Screening System" and research note (FHWA-AZ-04-559(1)). 

At SpecialtyAutomated ™, we offer the best and largest selection of rapid, powerful, standardized, objective, and self-service online knowledge tests.  No special equipment is needed.   No software or CD-ROMS.   No downloads.  No hassles.  All data and statistics are viewable in real-time at agencies worldwide, where desired.  Instant scores and feedback are provided.  All Internet-based tests are multimedia, interactive, and user-friendly. High security is offered with a password-protected and secure login and encrypted data transfer and storage.  Immediate reports are viewable for baseline data on a subject for data collection, comparison, review, storage, and to aid medical decisions.  We offer ideal assistive technology for people of all ages, cultures, educations, and languages and those with special needs or disabilities.  All tests are available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, and many other languages and in large quantities.  All of our online tests and systems are compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, ICH GCP, and ISO 9001:2000.  We pioneer our cognitive tests and systems for the education, health, military, research, sport, transport, and workplace industries worldwide.

Order today. Our online knowledge tests are your solution to improved service, client wait time, and reduced costs.

No Internet?  No worries.  SpecialtyAutomated ™ also offers many options for software.

Start improving safety and saving lives now.  The green way.

For more information concerning our proprietary online products, we invite you to tour our website and read our exclusive


Instant scores and feedback in real time.  Scientifically proven.  Multimedia & Interactive. Use your own computer.   Our products are now featured in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society , Annals of Family MedicineCanadian Medical Association Journal, & AAATE !



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