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SpecialtyAutomated ô provides the highest quality of online service and sensitivity to our customers with special needs and disabilities by empowering them with accessible screening test products.  SpecialtyAutomated ô products are designed to actively engage those with disabilities.  For example, people who are unable to write or hold writing instruments are able to complete our Automatic Clock Drawing Tests ô , Online Trail Making Tests, Trails A Tests, and Trails B Tests.  All tests are computerized, on the Internet, and available in numerous languages.  All tests are also designed to actively engage the deaf and hearing impaired.  Many tests are designed for the visually impaired and those with low vision.  A self-service option is also available to eliminate administrator bias and to ensure fair and equal treatment of those who require assistive technologies.

We cater to clients with special needs, physical inabilities or physical challenges.  We equip them with the tools to overcome any barriers they encounter through administration and testing.  No Internet?  No problem.  We also offer software products of all of our online tests.

Our representatives can help you determine the best products to fit your requirements. We can help you establish new tests or customize a program to complement your new or existing services.  We offer validated assessments that meet the needs of of the physically challenged and those with the inability to use a writing instrument.   Please contact us now for details.


Instant scores and feedback in real time.  Scientifically proven.  Multimedia & Interactive. Sensitive.  Standardized  Use your own computer.   Our products are now featured in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society , Annals of Family MedicineCanadian Medical Association Journal, & AAATE !

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